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Smart pool water treatment to keep your salt water pool clean. Introducing the WifiPool Ferrosalt duo WIFI Gen 2 salt electrolysis HS 16g/h, pH controlled pool treatment device designed for pools up to 50m³. This automated water treatment system uses advanced technology to maintain optimal levels of chlorine and pH levels in your pool, ensuring a crystal-clear and safe swimming experience for you and your family.

Beside the control of the shown items. What else can it do? Direct Control at Your Fingertips: Manage up to 4 additional pool devices directly with the built-in 4 relays. This lets you automate functions like filtration, lighting, and chemical dosing.

Endless Expansion: The integrated RS485 – Modbus interface opens doors to a universe of possibilities. Connect any compatible device with this interface, including salt chlorinators, heat pumps, and filter pumps. Wifipool Connect Pro seamlessly integrates with your existing setup for effortless control.

With its WIFI connectivity, you can easily monitor and control the device from anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone or tablet. The Ferrosalt duo WIFI Gen 2 salt electrolysis HS 16g/h is easy to install and operate, making it an ideal choice for busy pool owners who want hassle-free pool maintenance. Enjoy the benefits of a perfectly balanced pool with the Ferrosalt duo WIFI Gen 2 salt electrolysis HS 16g/h.

Ferrosalt Duo 16g/h, Gen 2 smart pool water treatment, pre-assembled

GST Included
Expected to in stock from July 10th 2024.
    1. Wifipool Connect Pro measurement and control box
    2. Redox Measurement to measure chlorine level with probe and calibration solution.
    3. Salt Electrolysis 16g/h 
    4. pH measurement module 1 to measure pH level with probe and calibration solution.
    5. Peristaltic pump module 2  and all connections plus 12V wall adaptor.
    6. Measurement and injection tube 50mm with 4 holes (1/2 Inch) connection 3/4' for flow switch.
    7. Flow switch set & Grounding for salt electrolysis module,
    8. Double USB plug 5V for both measurement systems
    9. Pre-assembled on plate
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