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Keep your pool crystal clear and hygienic with the Wifipool Salt electrolysis HS 16g/h with chlorine regulation complete set module 3 & 4. This advanced system is designed to maintain the perfect level of chlorine in pools up to 50m³, ensuring a safe and comfortable swimming experience for all. With its integrated Wi-Fi technology, you can easily monitor and adjust the chlorine levels from your smartphone or tablet. The system is easy to install and maintain, and its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual chlorine testing and enjoy a worry-free swimming season with the Wifipool Salt electrolysis HS 16g/h.

Wifipool Module 3+4 Chlorinator/controller/measurement

GST Included
Expected new stock available from November 17th 2023.
    1. Redox Measurement module 3 to measure chlorine level with smart switch box plus USB plug 5V, probe and calibration solution.
    2. Salt Electrolysis 16g/h module 4 with smart switch box and 24V wall adaptor
    3. Tapping saddels (1x) for measuring point for pvc pipe.
    4. Flow switch set & Grounding for salt electrolysis module,
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