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We answer your frequently asked questions about our Wifipool products and our revolutionary Ferrosalt Duo pool monitoring product.

  • Who is Beniferro Australia?
    Beniferro Australia is the importer of innovative swimming pool products. We focus on price, quality, and comfort. Most products are wireless, so these products give the consumer the best experience possible.
  • Where can I buy your products?
    Our products can be bought through online shop.
  • How long is the warranty on the products?
    Our products have a warranty of 2 years.
  • On what pool does this product best apply to?
    Ferrosalt Duos can be used on all saltwater pools, from 10 to 100m³
  • What is the electricity consumption?
    The peristaltic pumps and salt electrolysis are energy-efficient options, consuming only 6 watts and 100 watts, respectively. They also typically operate for shorter durations, ranging from 1 hour for peristaltic pumps to 4 hours for salt electrolysis per day. In contrast, the pool's energy guzzlers, like filter pumps (500-1000 watts) and heat pumps (1500-4000 watts), typically run for longer periods, 4-8 hours daily.
  • Where can I find spare parts and is maintenance required in winter?
    Spare Parts and Winter Maintenance: Where can I find spare parts? You can view available parts on Can't find the spare part? Give us a call or email us and we'll help you find a solution! We're committed to keeping your equipment running smoothly. Winter maintenance tips (if decide not to run the pool over winter): 1. Store probes indoors: Keep your pH and Redox probes submerged in 3 Molar KCl storage solution during winter. 2. Clean and drain: Clean your system thoroughly and drain any remaining water before winter storage. 3. Cover the system: Use a protective cover to shield your equipment from the elements. 4. Replace key parts: Consider replacing the acid pressure tubing, injector, and peristaltic hoses before winter storage. 5. Lubricate: Apply silicone grease to moving parts to prevent rust and wear
  • What is a (Wi-Fi) Ferrosalt duo?
    Introducing the Ferrosalt Duo: your all-in-one chlorine and pH control system for a sparkling clean pool, with minimal effort. 1. Salt-powered: Ditch the chlorine tablets and let the Pool Duo's salt electrolysis technology generate chlorine naturally from the salt in your pool water. 2. Plug & Play: This pre-mounted system is ready to go, no complex installation required. Simply connect it to your pool and plug it in. 3. Smart Control: Enjoy the effortless chlorine and pH control with your Wi-Fi/mobile phone control. Monitor your pool chemistry and adjust settings remotely, all from your smartphone. Beniferro created the Ferrosalt Duo with simplicity in mind. Whether you're a seasoned pool owner or a first-time user, this system makes maintaining crystal-clear water a breeze. Benefits: 1. Effortless Chlorine & pH Control: Say goodbye to manual dosing and messy chemicals. 2. Salt-powered System: Eco-friendly and gentle on your skin and eyes. 3. Plug & Play Convenience: No complex installation, just connect and enjoy. 4. Wi-Fi Control. 5. Beniferro Quality: Built to last and backed by trusted expertise.
  • What chemicals should I use for the Ferrosalt Duo?
    Maintaining proper water chemistry is crucial for a healthy and enjoyable pool experience with your Ferrosalt Duo system. Here's a breakdown of the key chemicals you'll need: Salt: 1. The Ferrosalt Duo uses salt electrolysis to generate chlorine, so maintaining the correct salt level is essential. 2. Recommended level: 2-4 grams of salt per liter of pool water. Tips: · Use pool-grade salt for optimal performance. · Monitor the salt level regularly and adjust as needed. · Avoid over-salting, as it can damage the pool and pool equipment. pH Control: 1. Maintaining a stable pH level (ideally between 7.2-7.6) is crucial for swimmer comfort and equipment longevity. 2. Ferrosalt Duo uses liquid pH (Sulphuric acid 15%) for pH control. 3. Caution: Sulphuric acid is a strong acid that requires careful handling. Always wear gloves and eye protection when using it. 4. Alternatives: Consider using a safer pH control product like hydrochloric acid also known as muriatic acid if you're uncomfortable with sulphuric acid. The Viton peristaltic pump tube is suitable for either acid. Additional Tips: · Follow the manufacturer's instructions: Refer to the Ferrosalt Duo manual for specific recommendations on salt and pH control. · Seek professional help if needed: If you're unsure about anything, consult a pool professional for guidance or contact Beniferro.
  • Do I require an electrician to install the equipment?
    Not necessarily! The equipment operates on low voltage (12V, 24V) with dedicated power supply units sourced in Australia meeting the required standards. Both the units and the USB plug can be plugged directlyinto standard wall sockets.
  • How difficult is it to install pre-assembled unit it yourself?
    Everything comes pre-assembled on a convenient plate for easy wall mounting. This eliminates the need for assembly and saves you time. Installation is straightforward: 1. Pair all equipment before physical installing the plate with the WIFI Pool app. 2. Place the plate on the wall where you want it near the pool equipment between the filter pump and the pool. 3. Connect the two rubber sleeves to the pipe leading from the filter pump to the pool. These sleeves should fit snugly over the existing pipe without needing glue. 4. Slide the pre-assembled device, with tubes already attached, into the rubber sleeves. 5. Secure the connections with hose clamps or other fasteners provided. In most cases, that's it! You won't need any additional gluing or sealing in a standard setup. However, if you're using a bypass valve or salt electrolysis system, you may need to do some minor gluing according to the specific instructions for those components.
  • How difficult is it to install un-assembled unit it yourself?
    If you have a full DIY version, then a couple additional steps are required. 1. Pair all equipment before physical installing with WIFI Pool app. Mounting the Modules: 2. Match the Layout: Choose a wall location near your pool equipment and mount the modules in the same order as they appear on the pre-assembled plate. This will simplify piping connections later. Installing the Salt Electrolysis Unit: 3. Position and Secure: Place the salt electrolysis unit between the filter pump and the pool. Refer to the unit's manual for specific placement recommendations. 4. Glue it in Place: Use a suitable PVC cement to securely bond the unit to the pipework. Make sure the connection is watertight. Adding Measurement and Dosing Points: 5. Tap into the Pipeline: Instead of drilling directly into the pipe, using provided tapping saddles. These offer a clean and leak-proof way to create additional connection points without compromising the pipe's integrity. 6. Connect Accessories: Use the tapping saddles to install a probe, dosing tube, earthing wire, and flow switch as needed. Follow the instructions for each accessory for proper placement and connection. Power Up: 7. Match the Supply: Connect each module to its dedicated power supply unit. Ensure the voltage and amperage ratings match the module's requirements. If it doesn't fit, you have the wrong power supply. 8. USB Connection: Finally, plug both USB cables into the provided USB plug to complete the electrical connections. Remember: 9. Always refer to the specific instructions and manuals provided with your equipment for detailed installation steps and safety precautions. 10. If you're not comfortable with plumbing or electrical work, consider consulting a professional pool technician or plumber for assistance.
  • How does the calibration work and how often do I have to do it?
    Maintaining Precise Measurements with Calibration: Keeping your pool's water chemistry balanced is crucial for a clean and healthy swimming environment. To ensure accurate readings from your testing equipment, regular calibration is essential. What is Calibration? Calibration is the process of adjusting your instrument's readings to match a known reference point. This ensures that your pH and Redox probes are measuring accurately. How to Calibrate: 1. Gather Supplies: You'll need a certified buffer solution for both pH and Redox (Chlorine). These solutions come in pre-prepared bottles with a precise, known value. 2. Immerse the Probes: Submerge the pH and Redox probes in their respective buffer solutions. Consult your device's manual for recommended immersion times. 3. Adjust the Readings: Your device will have calibration buttons or prompts. Follow the instructions to adjust the readings on your device to match the known values of the buffer solutions. 4. Rinse and Store: Rinse the probes with clean water and place back into your system measuring point. Calibration Frequency: 1. Initial Calibration: Perform an initial calibration before the pool season and after any major changes to your equipment. 2. Regular Checks: Throughout the season, regularly check your pH and chlorine levels. If the readings seem inaccurate, consider recalibrating. 3. Annual Recalibration: It's good practice to perform a full calibration at least once a year, even if your readings seem consistent. Benefits of Calibration: 1. Accurate Measurements: Calibration ensures your readings are trustworthy, allowing you to make informed decisions about your pool chemistry. 2. Proper Chemical Balance: Precise readings help you maintain the ideal pH and chlorine levels for a healthy and safe swimming environment. 3. Reduced Chemical Usage: Accurate measurements prevent overdosing or under-dosing of chemicals, saving you money and protecting your pool from damage. 4. By following these tips and regularly calibrating your pool testing equipment, you can ensure precise water chemistry measurements for a worry-free pool season. Additional Tips: 1. Purchase high-quality buffer solutions from a trusted source. 2. Store your buffers in a cool, dark place to prevent degradation. 3. Keep a log of your calibration dates and results for future reference.
  • Why do I require a flow switch?
    The flow switch acts as a safety guard for your pool. It detects when water is flowing through the system and only allows adjustments when it's active. This prevents overdosing of chemicals if there's no flow, ensuring your pool stays safe and balanced even if the pump is temporarily turned off.
  • Why do I need to earth the pool with salt electrolysis?
    Salt electrolysis creates chlorine by passing electricity through salty pool water. For safety, this electrical circuit needs a proper grounding point to prevent any potential leaks or shocks. Earthing the pool water ensures this safe discharge path for any stray electrical current, protecting you and your equipment.
  • What is WIFI pool?
    Wifipool is an app that lets you monitor your pool's health, control equipment, and optimize performance – all from your smartphone. Track key parameters like pH, chlorine, and temperature, adjust settings on the fly, and ensure ideal chemical balance for a worry-free pool experience.
  • What equipment uses the WIFI pool app?
    You can use the wifipool app on all wifipool equipment, monitoring and controlling pH and Redox, monitoring the temperature.
  • Where can I get the WIFI pool app?
    The app is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Look for “Wifipool”.
  • How far away can I control my pool using the WIFI pool app?
    The range of your control depends on your internet connection strength, not physical distance. If you have a reliable internet connection, you can monitor and control your pool from anywhere in the world!
  • What are the benefits of WIFI pool app?
    The benefits are: 1. Affordable: Wifipool app is a very affordable and flexible way to automate a swimming pool. 2. Save time and effort: Manage your pool remotely with the WIFI pool app. Monitor water quality, control equipment, and receive alerts – all from your smartphone. No more daily pool checks, or manual adjustments required! 3. Enjoy precise control: Get customized automation based on your pool's needs. Set specific thresholds for pH, chlorine, and other parameters, and the app automatically adjusts settings to maintain ideal water balance. 4. Stay informed and in control: Receive instant notifications when any pool parameter falls out of range. This helps you react quickly and prevent potential issues before they arise.
  • Will my pool be interrupted if the WIFI pool app loses connection?
    A: Not necessarily! The WIFI pool app is designed to handle temporary connection losses. In most cases, your equipment will go into a safe mode, temporarily pausing operations until the connection is restored. This protects your system from malfunctioning while offline. For essential functions: You can customize fail-safe settings for critical equipment like filter pumps during cold weather. In such cases, the pump will continue running even if the WIFI connection drops, preventing potential freezing damage. Rest assured: Once the connection re-establishes, your equipment will automatically resume normal operation based on your settings.
  • Can you control the WIFI pool products with Home Assistant?
    Our products are not currently compatible with Home Assistant, but this feature is planned for a future update. We understand the value of smart home integration and are committed to expanding our compatibility options. In the meantime, you can control your pool through the WIFI pool app.
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