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Product Concept

  • The Ferrosalt Duo is a fully automated water quality management system that will maintain your pool at the correct pH setting and disinfection level.

  • This means that you can enjoy a clean and healthy pool without having to worry about the hassle of manual maintenance.

  • This new swimming pool technology is optimized for the Australian market.

  • Watch a brief video to see how the Ferrosalt Duo works:


Functionality You Will Love

01 Measure and adjust pH and Chlorine

To guarantee clean and safe water, the Ferrosalt Duo automatically regulates the pH (acidity) of the water between 7.2-7.6 and the chlorine content between 0.5 and 1.5 ppm

The pH is measured continuously with a pH probe.

Chlorine is measured by a Redox probe for salt electrolysis. In general, a Redox of 700mV corresponds to 1 ppm of chlorine. The redox sensor is covered with a protective layer of gold.

If the pH is too high, the system will automatically dose acid to correct the pH via a peristaltic pump. For a swimming pool of 50 m³ you need +- 15 to 30 cl 15% sulfuric acid (= one glass) per day.

To adjust the chlorine, the salt electrolysis will automatically produce chlorine (or bleach) via a salt electrolysis cell. For a swimming pool of 50 m³, you need a salt electrolysis device that produces at least 15 g of chlorine per hour.

For a salt electrolysis to work, it is necessary to add salt to the pool beforehand. This salt is then converted into chlorine by the electrolysis cell. After reaction of the chlorine with algae and bacteria, the chlorine is converted back to salt.

Salt electrolysis diagram
pH electrode
Redox chart in Wifipool app
Ferrosalt Duo

02 Plug & Play - water treatment installation

The Ferrosalt Duo Wifi can be fully pre-assembled on a plate. All connections and pipes have already been made, so no need to assemble anything yourself. Simply connect the panel to the return pipe to the pool in a 50mm pipe. This can be done via the supplied 50mm rubber sleeves. A bypass is not required.

All accessories for installation and use (probes, calibration fluid, manual ...) are included. The normal operating conditions (pH 7.2-7.6, Redox > 700mV) are already pre-programmed in the device.

Ferrosalt connection diagram

03 WiFi version

The WiFi version works via the "Wifipool app". The advantage of this solution is that you can verify and adjust your water quality literally anywhere in the world. You can also measure and adjust other parameters of your swimming pool (temperature, level, flow) via the Wifipool app and equipment.

It continuously monitor the pH and the Redox (Chlorine). As soon as one of the two needs to be adjusted, the salt electrolysis and/or pH pump is activated.

Ferrosalt Duo
WiFiPool app by Beniferro for pool maintenance

Get the App

Now with the user-friendly WiFiPool app by Beniferro, you can manage your pool water quality anywhere, anytime

Instruction Videos

Watch informative YouTube videos from the manufacturer Beniferro, to learn how to use our various plug-and-play WiFiPool models.


For the Australian market, the Wi-Fi plug is conveniently integrated into the module box and powered by an Australian-sourced low-voltage power supply for seamless operation, making pool maintenance a breeze.

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