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This blue pH probe is designed to last for several years, and can measure the pH of pool water accurately. It has a standard BNC connection, making it interchangeable with probes from most other brands.

The probe is 12mm in diameter and 120mm long, and is typically installed in a pipe using a 1/2 inch probe holder.

It is important to calibrate the probe regularly (at least twice a year). We recommend storing the probe in KCl storage solution during the winter. When calibrating or storing the probe, you can use a dummy probe to close the connection.

The probe must be kept moist at all times.

pH probes measure more accurately than pH strips, and in some cases (such as with abnormal alkalinity), they are also more accurate than color measurements. If you have any doubts about the operation of the probe or the pH measurement, we offer a certified pH 7.0 solution.

pH probe 1m - BNC

GST Included
Expected new stock available from November 17th 2023.
    1. pH probe with 1m cable and BNC connection.
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