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This black Redox probe with a gold interior has a lifespan of several years and can accurately measure the Redox of salt electrolysis pool water.

Redox is a measure of the pool's oxidation potential: the higher the Redox value, the more free chlorine is in the pool water. In salt electrolysis, a standard (platinum) probe is poisoned by the hydrogen released during electrolysis, so a gold probe is essential.

The probe has a standard BNC connection, making it interchangeable with probes from most other brands. It is 12mm in diameter and 120mm long, and is typically installed in a pipe using a 1/2 inch probe holder.

You need to calibrate the probe once a year (with a calibration solution of 475 mV).

After calibration, you need to determine the ideal Redox value for your pool. This value depends on a number of factors and varies from pool to pool. To do this, measure the chlorine content in the pool (when the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6) using a good quality chlorine meter. If the chlorine content is below 0.8-1.2 ppm, you should increase the Redox target value. If the chlorine content is above 0.8-1.2 ppm, you can lower the Redox value. With a good Redox probe, the measured Redox at 1 ppm chlorine will be between 600 and 800 mV.

We recommend storing the probes in KCl storage solution during the winter. When calibrating or storing the probe, you can use a dummy probe to close the connection.

The probe must be kept moist at all times. The probe comes with a 1/2 inch clamp saddle 50mm and matching sonderwartel. Due to the rubber seals, it is not necessary to use Teflon or Filetplast.

Redox probe gold 1m - BNC

GST Included
Expected new stock available from November 17th 2023.
    1. RX probe gold with 1m cable and BNC connection.
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