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Introducing our Wifipool set for pH regulation complete kit Module 1 & 2, the perfect solution for maintaining a balanced pH level in your pool. This kit includes a pH sensor, Wi-Fi gateway, and a mobile app for easy control and monitoring. With real-time alerts and automatic adjustments, you can ensure your pool is always at the optimal pH level for safe and comfortable swimming. The kit is easy to install and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual pH testing and control and say hello to hassle-free pool maintenance with our Wifipool set for pH regulation complete kit.

Wifipool Module 1+2 pH regulation complete kit

GST Included
Expected new stock available from November 17th 2023.
    1. pH measurement module 1 to measure pH level with smart switch box plus USB plug 5V, probe and calibration solution.
    2. Peristaltic pump module 2 with smart switch box and all connections plus 12V wall adaptor.
    3. Tapping saddels (2x) for measuring and addition point for pvc pipe.
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